Exercise #1

Now we will look at how increasing the plasma current effects our other two performance variables - stored energy and energy confinement time.

>> Input the same shot numbers 41087, 41152, and 45599. For questions 2 and 3, plot plasma current on the top plot, stored energy on the bottom one. Note the value of the stored energy at 4 seconds.


Shot Number
(black line)
(red line)
(green line)
(blue line)
(magenta line)
Data Type (Top Plot)

Data Type (Bottom Plot)

From seconds to seconds

Question 2: As the plasma current is increased in each shot what happens to the stored energy (at 4 seconds)?

a) The stored energy doesn't change.
b) The stored energy increases.
c) The stored energy decreases.

Question 3: The plasma, which had the largest stored energy AT 4 SECONDS had approximately ______ times more stored energy than the plasma with the smallest amount of stored energy.

a) 1.5
b) 2.6
c) 3.7
d) 4.1

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