Exercise #2

Form for Submitting Your Answers to The Fusion Wizard

Question 1: What is the relationship between stored energy and total input power?

a) As the total input power increases, the stored energy decreases.
b) As the total input power increases, the stored energy increases.
c) There is no relationship between the two.

Answer 1

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Question 2: What happens to the energy confinement time in low mode plasmas when the total input power is increased?

a) The energy confinement time increases. (that's good!)
b) The energy confinement time decreases. (that's bad!)
c) Nothing happens

Answer 2

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Question 3: By what factor does the average efficiency for the deuterium-tritium plasma differ from that of the deuterium only plasma?

Answer 3 Deuterium-tritium plasma is times greater than the deuterium only plasma.

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Question 4: Using any of the shot numbers listed below, can you find a shot that would give the highest efficiency?

Input Power Scans in Low Mode Input Power Scans in Supershots
Deuterium Deuterium-Tritium Deuterium Deuterium-Tritium
88603 88898 79187 79102
88597 88896 79120 79101
88578 88865 79015 79122
88574 88742 79159 79089
88720 79155 79099
79086 79100

Shot Number Time (sec) Output Power (MW) Input Power (MW) Efficiency (%)

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