What is Fusion?

Fusion is combining the nuclei of light elements to form a heavier element. This is a nuclear reaction and results in the release of large amounts of energy! In a fusion reaction, the total mass of the resultant nuclei is slightly less than the total mass of the original particles. An example can be seen in the Deuterium-Tritium Fusion Reaction.

>> This deuterium-tritium fusion reaction results in an energy gain of about 450:1.

This difference is converted to energy as described by Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2!

Deuterium and tritium are both isotopes of hydrogen. Deuterium occurs naturally in nature - about one part in 6000 is found in ordinary water. Tritium can be produced from lithium, which is found in the earth's crust. The result: fusion energy in virtually inexhaustible!

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