The Virtual Tokamak!

If your browser is Java friendly, you have the chance to operate your own tokamak!

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Magnetic Containment Plasma Drift Applet:

This applet shows how magnetic fields control and contain a plasma when it is too hot to contain by any other conventional methods. To get the longest containment time, you can manually & automatically turn on/off magnetic controls. 

To get a feel of how magnetic fields are used to contain a plasma in a tokamak, try out the Plasma Drift Applet.

Time Dependent Virtual Tokamak:

The newest version of the Virtual Tokamak, this Java applet lets you plug in waveforms for all three parameters. The output is likewise shown as a graph so you can see how the plasma changes over time.

Steady State Virtual Tokamak:

The second version of the Virtual Tokamak allows you to type in the parameter values as well as use the slider bars. More control of the reactor means better performance which means an even higher score!



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